Oct 24, 2010

The Prison

Once again I am posting an entry. I apologize for not having done it in a long while. I have been busy, with the coming holidays and all. But I will make an effort to post more frequently.

Stellas 25, 296 e.m.
Day 12,
To continue from where I left off yesterday:
I awoke in this cold, filthy cell, my companions surrounding me. Kyrainna was awake, which relieved me. I had been worried she would never wake again. Everyone else seemed to be in as good a condition as can be expected, their wounds treated and bandaged. Well, except for Daeroth's purple, swollen arm. He said he had refused to allow an enemy to treat a wound that they had inflicted. The pride of the knights I suppose.

Through the gaps in the bars I could see a wondrous, frightening world. We appeared to be in a vast, underground caver, lit by a blood red light from a source I cannot determine. Our cell rests on a large rise, some way above the main floor. Below us, a city of shadow demons spread out across the entire cavern floor. The houses seemed to be made of some sort of pure black stone., and appeared to almost be part of the ground itself.

The first thing we did, of course, was to begin a plan of escape. I cannot write that here, however, in case our enemies read it. Just writing that we are forming a plan is risky, but if these shadows can think at all, they already know we are.

Now, to move on to this day. Do you recall a few days ago when I wrote of my dream? The strangest thing happened; I had it again. It makes me wonder if it means something. One thing changed however. I was able to see a little more than last time. Not much, but a little. This time, I could tell that the things I mistook for boulders were really some sort of buildings. Still, I could make out little else.

Captivity here so far seems to blend into an endless blur of misery. It seems to stretch on forever, the only way to tell the hours apart is by the food they bring us. The cell is always as cold as the night, since no sunlight can reach it so far underground. While we are awake we constantly keep in motion to keep warm, and when we sleep we huddle close together to share what little body heat we have. The shadows gave us a single tattered blanket to share between us, but through unanimous decision we have given it to Kyrainna as she is accustomed to the warm elven woods, where there is never winter.

Our sleeping schedules are very different, more so that at least one of us will always be awake than for any other reason.Then again, when anyone is sleeping there will always be another asleep as well to share the warmth. At one point, when both Daeroth and I were awake, we had an interesting conversation.

The silence had become unbearable, a strange humming sound from below being the only noise. Daeroth's hard expression made it obvious that he wasn't likely to start a conversation himself, so I put aside for a moment my irritation toward him and said, "Do you have a family to go home to? When this is all over."

Daeroth glanced over at me, his blue eyes slightly warmer than the cold glares I usually got from him. "Yes, once I have brought you safely to your destination, I will return to my wife and daughter. They await me in our home in Sardale, with many of the other families of questing knights. Do you have a family?"

I shook my head. "No, the cousin that hired you is the only living relative I'm aware of."

"Right, your cousin." Daeroth looked suddenly nervous, but before I had a chance to ask what was wrong, he said, "So if you have no family, what then inspires you to return home?"

His question caught me by surprise. I opened my mouth to answer, but realized that I did not know what to say. How do you answer a question like that? "I don't understand," I said finally. "Isn't it enough that I want to go home, rather than question the cause behind it?"

He studied me for a long moment, then shook his head and turned away. That was the end of our conversation.

And this is the end of this entry.

Aigon Silverwind,

Oct 7, 2010


Hello again. Here is Day 11 for you. All right, just as a random question, how high would you rate Aigon's journal on a scale of one to ten, one being absolutely horrible and ten being perfectly wonderful? Just to see what sort of reactions I'm getting from this.

Stellas 24, 296 e.m.
Day 11,
Indeed we were hunted. The assassin was right. If we had only... But it doesn't matter now. We have been captured by shadows with blood-red eyes and burning skin. When one touches you, you are overcome by an unbearable cold, so intense it feels like fire. There is no way to escape from these demons.

I awoke in the night to cloth being pressed to my mouth to muffle any calls for help I might dare to utter. Roughly pulled to my feet,  the shadows grabbing me by the shirt so as not to cripple me with pain, I noticed Kyrainna unconscious on the ground. She had been on watch and the creatures were obviously taking no chances with us. My other companions were being woken up the same way I had been, but they remained visibly calm, as if this sort of thing happens all the time. This gave me enough courage to at least control my shaking and attempt to look unafraid.

"You are the bearers of the amystium?" one of the biggest demons asked, its voice like a winter morning, quiet and cold.

I may have been calm on the outside, but I was terrified in reality. I was in no condition to answer my captor, and so I was grateful when Daeroth spoke up, his voice remarkably steady. "You could say that. We carry the amystium and many other items to trade. May I ask why we were so rudely awoken?"

Ignoring Daeroth's question, the shadow that had spoken glanced back at a slightly smaller one near the wagon and hissed a few words in its own language. The other replied and shook its head. "Come with us." The big one said sharply in Common.

Several of the shadow creatures that weren't busy holding us began to relieve my guards of the weapons that they had apparently kept by their bedside while they slept. The rest began to search the wagon.

It didn't take long for them to find the pack of amystium, but when they tried to take it, an interesting thing happened. Light shot up the shadow's arm and it screamed in agony. It snatched its hand back and turned to glare at Len who was fighting to hold back laughter. "You. Short one," it said, pointing at him. "Carry pack."

Snickering, Len took the amystium pack and slung it over his shoulder. The shadows continued examining the contents of the wagon, though with less excitement, until once again they paused in their search. Pulling out this journal, they asked, "Whose is this?"

I summoned enough courage to murmur, "It's mine."

The creature's laugh was both a hiss and a cough. It handed me my journal and said, "Keep it. Maybe you'll be the one." I was also given an inkwell and a quill. I find this odd, but I'm not about to question it.They left the rest of the supplies, and the horses as well since they couldn't seem to control the animals.

While the shadows were herding us along, Kyrainna slung over Daeroth's shoulder, I noticed Kadon, Brilynn, Len, and Kayissa exchanging looks. They nodded very slightly at Zillan who then began to hum to himself softly. He kept this up for several minutes, ignoring the amused looks the shadows gave him. What happened next was so fast I barely was able to comprehend what happened. With seemingly no warning, they broke and shot for our captors, Len tossing me the amystium pack and Daeroth setting Kyrainna on the ground first. They were going to fight the shadows with their bare hands! Having seen them fight before, a spark of hope lit within me, but it died almost as soon as it was born.  As their naked fists met the flesh of the shadows, they fell to the ground, crying out in pain. Most of them attempted to hold in their screams, writhing and clutching the skin that had made contact, but Len and Zillan did not even bother trying. Their cries pierced me, and, I am ashamed to admit, a blind fury overtook me. Stupidly, I lunged at the demons, thinking that somehow, if I could end their lives, the screaming would end as well.

And then, I was down screaming along with them from the horrible, sickening agony. Apparently I have a much lower tolerance for this pain than my guards, for soothing darkness quickly engulfed me, ending the torment. I awoke in this cell, my left hand bandaged and the journal, the inkwell, the quill, and the amystium pack were beside me. My companions are here as well, in better condition than I.

I'll write the rest tomorrow. I can feel exhaustion winning over my fear.

Aigon Silverwind,
Prisoner of Demons

Oct 4, 2010

The Shadows

Once again I have another entry for you. This one is long, but it's more interesting than some of the past entries.

Stellas 23, 296 e.m.
Day 10,
We awoke this morning to the horses in a panic. It is a good thing we tethered them to a tree well away from our sleeping area, or we would likely have been killed under their flailing hooves. Kayissa, Kadon, and Daeroth were already trying to calm them when I opened my eyes, and Brilynn, Kyrainna, and Len were rising as I hurried over to help. The horses all ignored our efforts to sooth them, and after several moments of this, Kyrainna began to speak in what I could only assume was elvish.

"Alinatha kor isthae," she began in a clear, calming voice. "Terinno es taer orraino. Farith oris nalindilae eth. Taeroeth.... Taeroth."

Suddenly, it felt as if a weight I didn't know I was carrying was lifted from my heart. The horses calmed down, their muscles relaxing and their rolling eyes focusing.

"What startled them?" I asked Daeroth, who had been on watch.

"I don't know," he responded. "Whatever it was was gone by the time I got to the horses. I thought I saw... Nevermind. A trick of the eyes. It was probably a fox or some similar creature."

"What did you see?" I demanded. He seemed to hesitate, so I added, "It may be important Daeroth."

He finally relented. "I saw a.... a shadow dart into the trees. I really didn't see much of it, but whatever it was, it radiated more dark power than the Tysirian Forest."

Kyrainna shuddered and spoke a sharp word in elven. "Ternok! Do not speak of that place, even in passing. It contains the vilest of evils, and many of its creatures have eyes everywhere."

Daeroth looked almost ashamed. "I apologize my lady. But the evil around that shadow-thing was very great. It was gone so quickly that except for that aura I sensed, I might have assumed it just a trick of the light."

I thought for a moment and then nodded. "All right. Daeroth, you and Kadon go see if you can find any sign of this shadow man in the nearby area. Don't go too far though! Stay within shouting distance."

"Wait!" Len called suddenly. He seemed a little disconcerted as our alarmed eyes turned on him. "Let me go instead. Listen!" he yelled again as we turned away. "I am a thief after all, and I'm well practiced at moving about unseen. Chances are, if they go, the shadow creature will be frightened off before they even get close. Or, on the other hand, there's a good chance they could walk right into an ambush. My hightened senses would warn me of one before I got near it."

Even with this in mind, I was a bit hesitant. The cheery, clever halfling was really not all that responsible. He was at least twice as likely to get distracted by some interesting bird as to find the mysterious intruder. "I'm not sure that's a good idea...."

He scowled at me. "I know what you're thinking. That I'm irresponsible and too easily distracted. That's what everyone thinks. I guess it's true sometimes. Okay it's true most of the time. But how am I supposed to prove that I can do well if no one gives me a chance?"

How could I say no after that? So Len went on his own and Daeroth and Kadon both stayed.

The sun was nearly up so we decided to get ready to head out. Back at the camp we were greeted by loud snores. Somehow, Zillan had slept through the whole thing. Kyrainna gently woke him while the rest of us packed up. She got him breakfast and he sat down to watch us work. 

A short while after we had finished, Len appeared his small face unusually grim. "Whatever it was knew we would search for it. I couldn't find it, but it left you a message. I'll lead you to it. Zillan, you should come too, in case there are magical energies around it or something."

Zillan glanced regretfully at his half-eaten bowl of food and trailed behind the rest of us. Only Kayissa stayed with the wagon, claiming she had no wish to see this "message".

I am no tracker, but even I could easily tell something had been through this way. Some of the lower branches were broken and the foliage layering the ground was trampled.

"I suspected a trap at first." Len admitted as we walked the newly flattened trail. "Obviously it meant for us to come this way. But I searched the area thoroughly and there was no sign of a trap." The halfling seemed proud that he had finally proved himself capable of things like this.

Zillan suddenly slowed his pace. "There is something very wrong here."

Len nodded. "Up ahead. you'll see."

We broke through the bushes into a very small clearing, where we were greeted by a gruesome sight. There, all over the ground were the remains of several dead animals, burning with some kind of black fire.

"Come stand over here," Len called from the top of a large stone. "It gives you a better perspective."

Obediantly, I took my place upon the rock and looked won on the scattered bodies. "It's a skull!" I gasped, and indeed it was. Obvious from my elevated vantage point, the carcasses were organized in the shape of a giant skull.

"We have to get away from here." Zillan said desperately. "There are powers here that should not be trifled with!"

"I agree with the mage." Kyrainna stated, fear evident in her voice. "These deaths were not natural, that much even you should be able to tell. There is a feel of unmistakable evil around this place."

Brilynn smiled slightly. "It is too late for that. This evil hunts us, and no amount of running will change that. That is the message these rotting corpses contain."

"Unfortunately, I think she's right." Len said quietly. "I've been hunted before, through no fault of my own of course, and this right here is just the cat playing with the mouse."

I shook my head. "Either way, we need to move on. And quickly."

We returned to the camp and shared the news with Kayissa, then set out on the road. Miraculously, nothing bothered us while we were moving. Nothing except our own fears. Daeroth allowed me a rest from today's lesson and now I am going to sleep.

We'll see what answers tommorow holds.

Aigon Silverwind,

Sep 28, 2010

First Dream

This entry makes me wonder why he even bothered to write about such an insignificant-seeming dream. It's almost as if he knew how much importance it would have later on his journey. But you don't know about that yet. One step at a time. Have patience with me please, we're getting there.

Stellas 22, 296 e.m.
Day 9,
I had an interesting dream last night. Actually, I guess it wasn't that interesting, but the fact that I dreamt at all is odd. Usually, my sleep is just dreamless shadow, even while I'm traveling. Really it was only a flicker of a dream though.

It was very dark in my dream, almost too dark to see anything. I managed to make out, however, the vague outline of something that resembled giant rocks all around me. Really big rocks, bigger even then the inn in Horlath.

I knew it was a dream, which was another unusual part for me. I stood there for several minutes, unable to move or see anything more than dark giant shadows on an even darker backround. And then I woke up. It was that simple, and yet there was a feeling about it that was very complex...

Well, it was only a dream, so enough of that. Once again we made wonderful time. There was a slight chill in the air, a last whispering of winter before spring overtakes it, but golden sunlight illuminated our path. There was no hint of danger anywhere in sight, but the horses seemed worried about something unseen. They were constantly prancing back and forth, and it took a firm hand on the reigns to keep them under control. The bright weather would normally have relaxed us, but the odd behavior of the horses put us instead on edge.

However, we encountered no trouble thi day. We made camp beside a stream that runs across our path. We will wade across tommorow.

Once again Daeroth and I began my lessons soon after we stopped for the night. I don't really think there is any reason to write of them in every entry, so I'll simply say that they are the worst part of the day.

There is nothing else to write of for now.

Aigon Silverwind,
The Unsure Merchant

Sep 22, 2010

The Art of the Sword

I figured out a way for me to get posts written up faster. I've been taking the journal to work with me to translate during my lunch break, and then I come home and type up the rewritten entry for you. So I should be able to post more frequently now.  Here is day eight:

Stellas 21, 296 e.m.
Day 8,
I awoke this morning in pain. Why are all my days filled with pain on this journey? My weak muscles screamed as I forced myself from the bedroll. If I had known learning the sword would be this painful, I would've found some way out of it.

Once I was up and had started making my way stiffly to the morning fire, Daeroth met my glares with a knowing smile.

"Hurting this morning are you?" he asked, unmasked amusement in his voice. As my scowl deepened at his tone, his smile widened. "Good. I was worried that I wasn't working you hard enough." He then walked away, leaving me spluttering in wordless anger.

Kyrainna added to my glares at Daeroth's back as she passed him. "He shouldn't be making you work so hard right after your recovery. I tried talking him out of it, but he's very determined. Now, let's see those muscles." After examining me (shirtless I might add) with an exact and practiced eye, she nodded slowly and said, "I think you're fine, other than a little soreness. It's hard to tell with humans though." She shrugged and went to help pack up. Oh yes, she's very reassuring.

Once again, our day's journey passed without incident. We are making excellent time, and may even reclaim the time we lost at Salindil.

We made camp early in the evening, and once again Daeroth insisted that I practice using the sword. My protests were more vehement this time, as my muscles were still searing like the fires of the forge, but pain is apparently not an excuse. I, the great merchant about to make history, was for the second time bullied into learning the "art" of the sword.

This time, Daeroth added a simple thrust to my lessons. Parry and thrust, parry and thrust, over and over for what felt like hours. When we were finally done, I was left with just enough energy to check the amystium and write about today's events. Not nearly enough to put the amystium, journal, ink well, or quill back in the wagon, so I guess I'm sleeping with them at my side tonight.

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother.

Aigon Silverwind,
Tired and Aching

Sep 16, 2010

Moving Out

Hey sorry I haven't posted in a while. During fall and winter, as well as part of spring, I take two jobs so I can earn money for collage. That's what comes of failing most of high school I suppose. I can't say I'm proud of those days, but I bet I'm not the only one. Anyway, here's another entry:

Stellas 20, 296 e.m.
Day 7,
We started out again today. My shoulder is almost completely healed, although Kyrainna claims a scar will mark the wound forever.

We traveled all day with no interuptions. We made camp in the evening, moving a ways off the road into the forest. As my companions went about making preparations for the night, I went to check on the supplies. But Daeroth stepped in front of me, blocking my way to the wagon.

"What is it, Goldsun?" I asked with some annoyance.

In answer, he held out a longsword. "I am going to teach you to fight."

I stared at him incredulously. "Fight? Me? I am a merchant, not a warrior."

"You have to learn to defend yourself. Really, you were lucky to escape that bandit attack a few days ago with your life. Next time it could be worse than an arrow to the shoulder." His eyes glittered like ice, cold and hard.

"Isn't that what I hired you for? Besides, a sword couldn't have protected me from that arrow," I responded.

"There may be times when we cannot help you. You must learn to protect yourself! And though a sword wouldn't have protected you, the reflexes and skills you will learn while fighting very well might have."

"You're insane! All of you!"

A small smile appeared on his lips. "Of course we're insane. That's why we took the job."

No amount of arguing could convince him that I really didn't need to learn swordfighting. And so, we had the first of our lessons today. It was not very long I suppose, and thank goodness for that! Apparently, it was too late to bother training with practice weapons, and so we used real swords. The first time our weapons struck, vibrations shot up my arm with such force that I let go of my sword and watched as it went flying, narrowly missing Zillan. That brought laughs from my audiance which included all my guards except for Daeroth, since he was teaching me, and Kayissa, who had taken one look at me holding a sword and said she had decided to retire early this evening. I spent the rest of the lesson fumbling through a simple parry, and finished with many disgusted looks from my mentor.

I'm going to sleep now.

Aigon Silverwind,
Merchant-warrior in Training

Sep 7, 2010


I am enjoying posting these entries for you. It gives me a chance to re-examine the journal and notice some of the things I missed when I first read it over. I hope you are all enjoying reading this as much as I am enjoying writing it. Oh, and if you have any friends or relatives that you believe might enjoy reading this too, please feel free to share it with them. Here is the next entry:

Stellas 19, 296 e.m.
Day 6,
Before any of us were awake this morning, Kyrainna apparently went out into the forest to gather a few special herbs and the like. I woke to a horrid smell coming from the boiling pot she was stirring over the brick fireplace(fireplaces being the only things made of brick in the entire town). She said it was a healing potion that would cure my shoulder wound faster than usually possible. It did not taste good at all, but the wound has started closing up and the throbbing at least has gone away, though it still aches when I move around too much.

After, when Kyrainna was examining the effects of the potion on my wound, there had been a very pleased twinkle in her eyes. Suddenly she had said, "I've never used a potion on a human before." That was reassuring.

Once everyone was awake, we all decided to stay in Salindil until tomorrow. If that was the case, I thought, it would be profitable to get some trading in before we moved on. It would have been impossible to get my whole wagon in, so I had Daeroth and Kadon carry a portion of the merchandise into the tunnels. Brilynn insisted on helping as well, claiming she didn't need to be a man to carry spoons and nails into the city. I'm not even selling spoons or nails!

It wasn't easy to set up a stand in the tunnels, and I had to make do with dragging a small table from the inn out into the main hall. Most of the people who came didn't have silver to buy with, and instead traded goods. Many of them wanted furs, as hunting was not allowed around the city, and they traded rich spices or jars of honey for them. All in all, I didn't earn any more gold than I had started out with, but the variety of my wares increased substantially.

Nothing else of interest happened today.

Aigon Silverwind,
Master of Riches

Sep 2, 2010


I have been receiving numerous questions relating to the truth of this blog. Many people seem to believe that this is all some kind of elaborate prank, that the journal doesn't even exist. I thought I had explained all of that in my first entry. Yes, it will seem strange and unbelievable. When I had only read to this point, I was a little skeptical myself. It will become more clear later on. For now, just continue reading and enjoy it if you can. Here is the entry for the fifth day:

Stellas 18, 296 e.m.
Day 5,
We left late this morning. Kyrainna wanted me to get as much rest as possible before beginning the day's work. I rode in the wagon so that I did not have to handle the reigns of a horse. 

We reached Salindil a few hours before nightfall. I had heard that it was originally built by the elves, and that it was beautiful, but I hadn't known that a city could be so in touch by nature. There were no walls around that city. No fortifications at all. It would be easy to take with a good army, as humans had done so many years ago.  But the residents of Salindil were not concerned with war. There had not been fighting anywhere near Salindil since the Age of Blood. They thought only of the beauty of their town, and the pleasure of those within it.

The houses of Salindil seem to come right out of the trees around it, made of smooth, rich wood. They twist and turn and intertwine along the forest floor, making it seem as though there is a tangle of over sized roots all around. The entrance was a round hole, just big enough for me to fit through without bending over.
We found a sheltered area that was apparently used as a stable for the horses and the wagon. The main tunnel wound around the whole city, with other marked openings leading to people's homes or shops. It was lit by softly glowing flowers placed in strategic locations along the walls and ceiling. We walked until we spotted the entrance with the word "Inn" above it.

I rented rooms for me and my companions, then sat down at one of the round, stump-like tables to order our food and drink. When I asked the innkeeper what the name of the place was, he just chuckled and said, "Around here we just call it 'the Inn.'"

Finally, I am resting comfortably in an actual bed. Now, I am going to sleep in an actual bed. Goodnight.

Aigon Silverwind,
Still Hurt but Comfortable

Aug 30, 2010


Hey everyone. I just want to let you all know that there is a chance that a word or two may be wrong in this entry. Aigon's handwriting was really hard to make out, and the ink smeared in several places. I have to admit that I'm a little impressed that he does so much writing, though. Imagine writing all of that every night, by the light of a candle, with only a quill and ink to write with. I can't say that I've done it but it doesn't seem very easy to me. Anyway, here's the fourth entry:

Stellas 17, 296 e.m.
Day 4,
I apologize if this is unreadable. I have had a rather frightening day.

We came to the fork in the road, and were trying to decide which way to go. Usually we would just take the left path without any thought, but that path leads to Salindil and we had been warned about it the day before. The problem with taking the right path is that it would put us several weeks off schedule, and there wouldn't be another town to stay the night in before taking the turn that would set us back on the right track.

A few of us wanted to go right. Zillan, Brilynn, and Kadon said that it was better to be cautious, and have a long delay, than to be careless and lose our lives. The rest of us wanted to go left. After all, as Len pointed out, it is their job to take care of the danger. So, rather foolishly I'll admit now, we went left.

Everyone except Len and Zillan were tense and alert at first, but there were birds singing in the trees around us, and the sunshine was warm on our faces. It was so peaceful that eventually even Kayissa seemed to relax. We rode along, most of us talking and even laughing. Riding beside Kyrainna, I learned a lot about her. Even with the things that happened later, I remember our conversation quite well.

"How old are you?" I had asked her suddenly.

Color blossomed in her pale cheeks, and she lowered her bright green eyes. "I am one hundred and thirty two years old. I believe that is about equal to an eighteen year old human."

"That young?" I said in disbelief. "And they let you out of the elven lands? I thought elves were kept carefully under the protection of their elders until they were much older."

"They... didn't exactly let me go." She replied hesitantly. "I had heard stories about humans all my life, and though several of them were about how cruel your kind is, many of them presented you as brave and inventive. I had to see for myself what you were like. So I requested permission to cross the boarder and enter Amystia. There was a brief council meeting to discuss it, but they quickly decided that I was too young. I pleaded with them, but I couldn't change the council's decision. But I knew that I couldn't just stay there. I have never really fit in with the elves. They say I'm a dreamer. They have even gone so far as to call me human-minded! I debated with myself about it for a few days, and one night when everyone was sleeping, I took my inheritance and left. No one thought I would do anything like that, so it was easy. But now I can never go back."

I knew better than to question her further. I had heard the pain in her voice as she spoke that last sentence. I quickly changed the subject, and we rode on.

It wasn't long after that that Len suddenly yelled back at us to stop. He had been riding ahead, under the watchful eye of Kadon of course. We stopped and I rode up to see why he had called for a halt. Before I even reached him however, I heard a high pitched scream, and an arrow pierced my shoulder. Pain shot through me, dulling my senses for a moment. I couldn't see what was going on around me, or even hear it through the pounding in my ears. All I could focus on was the pain, something that I, having lived the comfortable life of a merchant, and never experienced before. Other than a few scrapes and bruises of course. I slid from the saddle and the pain intensified as I hit the hard ground.

Then I forced it aside enough to figure out what was going on around me. The pain did not go away, not at all, but I was able to control it a little after the first several seconds. I saw that we were under attack by a group of men in brown and black clothing. They all wore masks that covered all but their eyes. They were bandits.

There were maybe fifteen of them. All of them carried some sort of weapon, mostly clubs. Daeroth was already taking on two of them, his sword flashing in the sunlight as it parried a blow from one bandit and took another on his shield. Brilynn stood nearby in a defensive stance, sizing up the bandit moving cautiously toward her. Len danced in and out of the fray, stabbing with his dagger. Kadon and Kayissa made an unlikely pair, fighting back to back, their every move seeming to aid the other. Zillan stood a little ways off, staring intensely at the group. I admit, I was confused for a moment about what he was doing, until I realized he was waiting until he had a good shot. Just as that realization came to me, he raised his hands and pointed at one of the bandits. Sparks of brilliant white light shot form his fingertips and struck the bandit. They spread up and down his body and engulfed him. When the lights faded, all that was left of him was a pile of bones and the echoes of his scream. Zillan then went back to staring at the fight.

I looked around for Kyrainna, but couldn't find her. Then suddenly she was beside me, dragging me back to the wagon. I stumbled along behind her, leaning on her for support. Behind the wagon, out of sight of the battle, she laid me down and knelt beside me, examining the wound. She spoke to me in a soft voice as she worked, in a tone very much like a hunter I had once heard use to calm a wounded animal.

"Do not be afraid. You are fine. The arrow did not hit any vital organs. There is nothing to be worried about. Just try and relax yourself." She paused for a moment, and ran her hand over the arrow's smooth shaft. "I am going to try and pull it out. Keep your eyes on my face and think about something that makes you happy." As if the thought suddenly occurred to her, she tore a strip of cloth off of her skirt, wadded it up, and stuffed it in my mouth. "Bite down on that. Everything is going to be fine." She took a firm grip on the arrow and pulled. The pain was horrible. I bit down hard on the cloth and tried not to scream. At the edge of my mind I barely felt another light stabbing of pain in the palms of my hands and my fingernails dug into my own flesh. The sound of Kyrainna's voice was lost on me in my pain. Seeing her holding the arrow covered in my own blood was more than I could take. Blackness overtook me.

I was out for about an hour, as I could tell by the sun's position in the sky when I finally woke up. I was lying shirtless on a bedroll, my shoulder wound bandaged. The others sat nearby, talking in low voices. I groaned at the pain of waking and they all looked over at me.

"Good, you're awake." Kyrainna smiled at me and came over with a bowl of stew. "We ate while you were unconcious. Here, eat some. It will give you back some of your strength."

I lifted my arm to take it, but the pain caused me to drop it with another groan. Kayissa gave me a disgusted look and turned away. Apparently being in pain after being shot is too weak for her. Easy for her to think.

"I don't think we are going to cover any more distance today," Kadon said. "We'll rest here for the night and move out if you are feeling better in the morning."

"The bandits?" I asked weakly.

"The few that we didn't kill ran off." Brilynn replied coldly. "You and your precious amystium are safe for now." I noticed her and Daeroth both giving me disapproving looks. As if it were my fault I was shot with the arrow!

No one talked much after that. There is nothing more to tell for now, and I had really better get some rest.

Aigon Silverwind,
Painfully Alive and Shaken

Aug 25, 2010


There is something I have forgotten up to this point. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to either post a comment or send me an email at truefictionteachings@yahoo.com and I'll try to answer you as quickly as possible. Here is another entry:

Stellas 16, 296 e.m.
Day 3,
We rode all day with only a few brief stops, but it will still be at least two more days before we reach another town. We are into a lightly forested area now, so we may have to be a little more cautious. After all, who knows what's lurking in the heavy shadows that the trees cast over the ground?

Not much happened today. The most frightening part was when Kyrainna looked back and found that Zillan had disappeared without a word. She alerted the rest of us, and we spent several minutes searching until we found him in a small clearing gathering some sort of mushroom. I swear I'm working with fools here!

We passed a small group of travelers going the other way, not a terribly rare event, though not truly common on this road either. They stopped us to let us know not to take the path through Salindil, as there were rumors of bandits in that direction. Len seemed a little overenthusiastic to shake all of their hands, which made me a little concerned. My suspicions were confirmed before we ate supper when I saw him studying the same ring I had seen on on of the travelers. Apparently Daeroth noticed as well. He began scolding the halfling until all of us were bleeding from the ears. Figuratively speaking of course. He finished with making Len promise not to steal anything again. With an irritatingly innocent expression, Len sweetly replied, "Of course not, thievery is only my livelyhood." Luckily, Daeroth seemed to take that for a promise.

That is about all of interest that happened today.

Aigon Silverwind,
Frustrated Leader of Seven Idiots